Australian employers worry about skills shortages

Thursday, June 13th

The 2013 Hays Salary Guide reveals that 63 per cent of employers believe their businesses or departments will be affected by skills shortages this year.

Of the employers who contributed to the guide, 18 per cent said they thought skills shortages would impact their operations in a “significant” way, while 45 per cent said they would affect operations in a “minor” way.

Only 37 per cent stated that skills shortages would have no impact at all.

Because of this, 61 per cent of employers said they would consider sponsoring skilled migrant workers to fill vacant positions in their businesses.

This number represents an increase of two percentage points from 2012.

If you are worried about how skills shortages could affect the efficient running of your business this year, you may want to consider signing your staff up for vocational education and training.

A registered training organisation such as Spectra Training can provide your employees with the skills they need to help your business reach its goals. Spectra provides nationally recognised qualifications as well as inspirational short courses.

As part of the 2013 Hays Salary Guide, employers were asked to rank which factors they believed had a “significant” or “major” effect on how current and potential staff saw their businesses.

The overwhelming majority (81 per cent) said that offering “training and development” on a regular basis would give their businesses an edge over others when it came to attracting and retaining employees.

This trumped having a good work-life balance (76 per cent) and salary (75 per cent).

Enrolling your current staff in a traineeship, apprenticeship or a short course could therefore not only help prevent skills shortages in your company, but also make your business more attractive to prospective employees.