Government urged to use Australian-made paper products

Wednesday, July 10th

Manufacturers are urging the government to support local jobs by purchasing Australian-made products.

In particular, the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) wants political parties to use Australian-made paper products for all election materials they create.

If you want to ensure your workers are making products of the highest possible standard, so that they can effectively compete with importers, you may want to involve them in staff training.

Spectra Training supports this initiative. Spectra is the largest national trainer of Print Apprentices in Australia and is working with many companies in the pulp, paper and printing sector. The work includes introducing Lean Thinking in production and administrative processes to reduce waste as well as upskilling maintenance and management practices. Spectra understands the intricacies of your industry can provide you with effective vocational education.

The CFMEU yesterday (July 9) wrote to the directors of these political parties, and provided them with lists of paper products that would be “suitable for their needs”.

In addition to this, thousands of workers in the “pulp and paper” sector have launched a postcard-writing campaign, hoping to achieve the same outcome.

“The CFMEU supports all efforts to secure and create Australian jobs, and we note many politicians and political parties make frequent comment to the same effect,” said Michael O’Connor, national secretary of the CFMEU, in a July 10 statement.

Both campaigns were launched in response to the number of job cuts that have been happening in the pulp and paper sector.

More than 700 manufacturers have lost their positions in the past three years, with mills closing in Burnie and Wesley Vale (Tasmania) and machines being shut down in Millicent (South Australia).

Mr O’Connor believes using Australian-made paper products is a “simple practical step” that the government can take to demonstrate their commitment to local manufacturers and jobs.

“We’re giving aspiring political representatives the chance to put their money where their mouth is by providing a tangible way that they can help support Australian manufacturing workers,” said Mr O’Connor.