Improve worker satisfaction with workplace training

Wednesday, June 12th

A recent study conducted by Sweeney Research has revealed that staff in not-for-profit organisations are generally more satisfied with their jobs than others in the workforce.

An impressive 66 per cent of not-for-profit workers said they were either very or extremely happy in their current roles. Only 56 per cent of those employed in other areas gave the same answer.

The study demonstrated why this was the case. Apparently, employee satisfaction comes down to three main ingredients: a good working environment, having a sense of achievement and belonging, being able to enjoy themselves and receiving recognition for the job they are doing.

In these areas, the not-for-profit sector is well ahead of the total workforce. However, you might be able to change this.

If you enroll your staff in workplace training, you will be giving them the opportunity to achieve something that will ultimately benefit both their future careers and your company.

Because Spectra Training’s staff training involves a mixture of group and one-on-one sessions, your workers will get the opportunity to learn both together and receive world class coaching from experience industry trainers. The group sessions will help build stronger relationships between your employees, which will add to their enjoyment at work and improve the workplace environment.

Signing your employees up for training workshops will also prove to them that you are taking an interest in how they are performing and would like to help them improve. This will also make them feel more appreciated.

In addition to this, Sweeney Research’s study revealed which factors are most likely to drive staff members away. Limited career paths, low morale, poor management, insufficient wages and workplace stress were some of the most common answers for both not-for-profit workers and the total workforce.