MEDIA RELEASE – Spectra Training Forms Print Stakeholder Reference Group

Monday, April 29th

Spectra Training is proud to announce the formation of its Printing Industry Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG).

The SRG advises Spectra Training on a wide range of matters relating to the design and delivery of print training solutions. The SRG was formed in January 2013 and has already met twice. Gary Cobbledick, CEO of Spectra Training, said: “Industry engagement is vitally important, especially in a fast changing market environment. I am very proud that we have representation from well established companies and I am grateful for the travelling that our regional representatives do to attend the meetings.” The SRG consists of seven industry experts, from a wide range of printing industry backgrounds, selected for their in depth knowledge of the industry and their ability to add value to Spectra’s training solutions. “We are extremely grateful to our SRG members for their commitment to the future of the printing industry and for the time and expertise they are contributing to the development of improved training services in Australia”, said Cobbledick.

The SRG provides advice and feedback to Spectra Training on a range of technical and industry topics, including course content and design, quality, innovation and industry trends. The opinions and recommendations of the SRG will ensure that industry has a voice in fostering the apprentice training sector.

Like many other industries, the printing sector has felt the impact of significant change over the past few years, most notably in the areas of high cost inputs, technological advances, social media, digital production and lean business practices. In many cases, the result is that fewer people are called upon to do more of the work.

This change has also been felt in the area of apprentice training. Spectra Training recognises the need to modernise the apprenticeship training system for the printing industry and looks forward to working closely with the SRG to ensure the relevance and quality of print training in Australia.