Thursday, February 28th

CLB Training & Development (CLB) has officially changed its name to “Spectra Training”, and adopted fresh new branding and colours.

The company’s CEO, Gary Cobbledick (photo attached), said: “Our company has grown so much in recent years that we decided it was time to refresh our name and branding”.

The new name and branding was launched at the 2013 Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) Conference in Melbourne, where Spectra Training was the Patron Sponsor.

“We wanted a fresh new name and brand that reflected our business as it is today”, said Cobbledick. “We deliver innovative workplace training solutions across a wide spectrum of industries and qualifications, right across Australia.”

“We chose the name “Spectra”, the plural of ‘spectrum’, because the word implies a breadth of range, as well as order, structure and colour — just think of the spectrum of colour formed when white light is passed through a prism.”

Spectra Training’s printing industry programs now cover a wide range of (1) Pre-Press, (2) Printing and (3) Print Finishing qualifications that includes training in lithography, flexography, gravure, heat-set and cold-set web, wide format and flat bed digital, general commercial, labels and packaging printing.

Spectra Training has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.