Spectra announces its employees of the year

Friday, December 20th

Each year Spectra celebrates the achievements of its staff with an Employee of the Year award. This year each Department had an Employee of the Year, and all Departments nominated a candidate for the overall Spectra Employee of the Year.

The winners of the awards are named below, together with a selection of the reasons and comments by the judges. All candidates are assessed against Spectra’s 8 Points of Culture: Commitment, Urgency, Passion, Proactivity, Professionalism, Accountability, Teamwork and sense of Fun.

Spectra Employees of the Year: 2013

Trainer of the Year – Andrew Readman

Has demonstrated great Commitment to Spectra, its clients and its students. He has a Proactive ‘can do’ attitude and will immediately come up with solutions to meet key business requirements. He has great Passion for what he does, and effectively balances the needs of the business with the needs of clients and students.

Business Support Person of the Year – Wendy Mandalis

Has demonstrated great Commitment and Urgency in ‘getting the job done’ this year, often under great time pressure. A great team player, who can always be counted on.

Instructional Designer of the Year – Jacqui Marshall

Demonstrates the 8 Points of Culture each day: Commitment, Urgency, Passion, Proactivity, Professionalism, Accountability and Teamwork, and is always great to have around. A true professional. Dependable, reliable, efficient. A credit to any team.

Sales / Account Management Person of the Year – John Savva

John consistently under-promises and over-delivers. His management of the highly successful BCS project showed his Professionalism, Commitment and Proactivity. He’s always Fun to have around. He gets things done unobtrusively, without fuss, and in a spirit of respectful co-operation with all parties. A great Team player.

Manager of the Year – Brent McGregor

Brent consistently exhibits the 8 Points of Culture with purpose, determination and humility. He displays the qualities of a true leader. His work is outstandingly Professional. He demonstrates Teamwork in his willingness to help others, often at short notice and in difficult circumstances. He is Passionate about his work and the support of his colleagues. A true Champion.

Most Promising Player of the Year – Stuart Boyd

Stuart is the Chris Judd of Spectra: the ‘go to’ man who consistently delivers; who thrives on the tough contests; and who ‘makes the play’ so that others can succeed. Stuart has taken on huge additional responsibilities this year and has handled them brilliantly. Commitment; Urgency; Proactivity; Professionalism; Teamwork…and ‘commerciality’. Stuart has demonstrated this year that he has the talent and tenacity to become a great manager.

Spectra ‘Values’ Person of the Year – Trish McGrath

Trish is the “people’s choice”. I have received so many comments about Trish’s commitment and values. She has won the respect of everybody who has ever worked with her because of her wonderful demeanour, her caring attitude, and her Commitment, Professionalism and Team attitude. One person commented “she is the most decent human being I have ever met”. Hear hear!

Employee of the Year – Maia Michaelis

Maia has only been with Spectra for about 11 months, but from day one she has stood out as an exceptional performer. She inherited a number of very tough client assignments, and has been assigned some other very challenging accounts this year. Through force of personality and her sheer professionalism, Maia has been able to win over every difficult client. She ‘sees around corners’ and is therefore able to solve problems before they even arise. Maia has demonstrated each of the 8 Points of Culture, and many more, this year, but I think her standout attribute is that she never presents a problem without also presenting a solution to the problem. Her ability to ‘think solutions’ is what separates her from the pack. She has also shown great leadership potential and will be one of Spectra’s stars of the future. Thank you and well done Maia.