Spectra launches Engineering Apprenticeships e-learning solution

Saturday, February 1st

Spectra’s e-learning instructional design team, led by David Isaacson, and Spectra’s Business Operations Manager for Engineering, Shayne van der Heide, were pleased recently to launch Spectra’s new Engineering Apprenticeships e-learning solution.

This method of training, known as the ‘flipped classroom’, is at the cutting edge of innovative e-learning delivery internationally. In addition to the obvious advantages of saving paper and printing costs, this project allows the trainers to complete the student assessments electronically and no longer have boxes of files to carry back and forth to the worksites giving them more time with the apprentices for coaching and mentoring. Trainers have a real-time view of the progress of each apprentice and are able to quickly identify where they may be having issues. The workplace supervisors also have access to the site so they complete their reports online.

There has been a good response from the apprentices so far and we received this comment from Eric Street at Visy Coburg: “I have had a chance to have a good look over the website and from what I can tell it’s very well put together. It’s easy to use, lots of useful features and above all else, plenty of information.”

Shayne van der Heide, Engineering Operations Manager commented that, “This method of delivery has allowed us to spend more one-on-one time with apprentices, as they get an opportunity to pre-read work before the training is delivered, giving trainers more time to spend on areas where apprentices might be struggling.”

Spectra Training Instructional Design Manager Diane Nichols secured $15,000 of funding from the VET Development Centre towards the project to support professional development for both the apprentices and trainers involved in the project. “This funding has been a great help in making the project happen,” says Diane. “Our clients are benefitting from this initiative and it supports our objective of incorporating lean thinking into our training programs.”